My Very First Post

        Hello to the Web Surfers and Blog Scrollers.

I never myself considered making a blog until my clutter of photographs on my bedroom wall began to look somewhat arty and my Iphone storage became a little sparse. And so the pictures continue here.

But here we are nonetheless, beginning my very own blog.

I’m no different to anyone else. Mum, Dad, twin sister, brother, my puppy, Barney, and Tom the cat, in a simple house, on the typical estate, in the land of jam!

Jam you ask? Walk in to any hotel, anywhere on the planet, have a spot of breaky, and look at the jam with your wholemeal seeded toast. I bet it’s Wilkin and Son Jam, from Tiptree – the ‘Land Of Jam’.

Trouble is, I don’t like jam.


19 thoughts on “My Very First Post

  1. nice intro post, I think i’ve liked/commented on all your initial posts. They were interesting, and what is ideal is that personal blogs like this are what I find hard to find on WordPress, especially from people in the UK. Hope you stick around blogging, you’re pretty good at it.


  2. Discovered you on the Community Pool. Glad I did, your writing style is wonderful. I shall follow you and hope for more. Take a peak at my blog if you’d like, just starting. I don’t care for jam either.

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    1. Some how I cannot comment on your posts, they do speak massive truths about my thoughts and feelings though, your writing is spot on and the way you write really creates rapport with the reader, very worth the follow


      1. Wow thank you! I really appreciate your thoughts, and am happy you feel that way about my blog! I will look forward to your follow. 🙂


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