Do You Want To Go To The Seaside?

IMG_3044So, a long ol’ time ago, one of my closest friends and I went to the ‘beach’. In reality, this beach was simply, 100 yards of pebbles, some salty slimey seaweed and a little sunken bridge. Oh, and a lot of sludge. Granted, some of the photos are from a rather outdated Nokia phone, I like them a lot. But, I do apologise for some of the pictures quality, and some credit must go to my friend for the help she gave me that day.

The English ‘beach’ isn’t necessarily what one can call picturesque, especially around where I live, but I do feel some of the pictures taken are able to capture some of what beauty lies on a murky watered patch of pebbles.

We had decided to bring a picnic and have a play with a new camera Asia, my friend, IMG_3062had got for her birthday. Lo and behold, the zoom on this thing, was incredible.  Unable to see this Oyster Catcher (courtesy of my Mother for spending 15 minutes in her British Bird Book to find the name of that cute little guy) we had zoomed in and can see him clear as day.  There he is, supporting his summer coat.

IMG_3071As this is the only photo from our pebble beach day  with colour in it, I feel I should share it. Sadly my Mum doesn’t wish to find the name of this weed, but I thought it was quite nice as you can still see the sea in the backdrop in a subtle blur.

Here are a few more from the day, I hope you enjoy.   IMG_3033




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