Something For A Rainy Day

Move on, apologise, make yourself feel better. You deserve that. Stop dwelling on the mistakes of yesterday and move on so tomorrow is a better place. Take the chance you always wanted to but didn’t ‘just in case’. Because they will be your biggest regrets. Reunite with the old friends you drifted from. Tell them you missed them.Take a notch out of your pride and admit your mistakes then don’t be afraid to learn from them. Prove people wrong when they doubt your capability. Trust people. Try harder. Be honest. It can only get better, you can only get better. Life’s tricky, but it is for all of those who take part. Obstacles hit you, distractions pull you off course, but you’re still living it. Life moves really fast, so take a second to take it in because as far as I am aware no one is here forever. So make your forever as amazing as you can. Be the bigger person, be the reliable one, the good friend. Remember that things can’t always be forgotten but you can always forgive. Make yourself better, you’re the only one that can. Love like nothing else matters and don’t be afraid to smile. Because if I were to ask you do describe all the things you love, how many things would you list, until you said ‘me’?


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