Not your generic London Photos

So Charlie and I went into London, since I don’t exactly travel that far; because I’m a delicate and easily confused being, we spent the day roaming around aimlessly.  We had managed to go the whole day trip, without seeing any of the sights. Not one. (Unless you count walking past St. Paul’s and not realising until we had done a whole lap around the place accidentally).  But we hadn’t noticed in time to take in its beauty, and with it hitting 25 degrees we just needed shade to be honest. So here is a glimpse of a ‘Laura-didn’t-stop-walking-to-take-this’ photo of St Paul’s.


After St. Paul’s we found this amazing little sushi place where the sushi comes round on a conveyer belt. Like wow. It was the best thing ever. Sadly I don’t have a picture of that to show you, but I’ll take you one day. We then took a few rights and the odd left and managed to get to South Bank which was pretty, and I found a pretty wall there too.

(Warning, some tourist photo’s)


I’ll now show you the not so generic London photos, which in my defence are Londony to me because it was maybe my third time in london?  ( some random buildings I liked but certainly couldn’t name or find again: a cute street I once again couldn’t find if I was asked to: Charlie up some stairs and then a building I somehow thought was a church).

And to represent an amazing day, and lots of money spent on food, here’s a picture of me and a Millie’s cookie (first one ever!). How embarrassing.

Literally the best day ever.


7 thoughts on “Not your generic London Photos

  1. Yay! The first time I went to London, the only thing I really wanted to see that would be considered touristy was 22 Baker St.

    What I wanted to see was every day life in London.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. The cookie looks good.


    1. Oh I did think about going to Baker Street but was told I would be in a big crowd and wouldn’t get to see 😁
      I think every day life was my favourite part, every one dressed up in their work gear I loved it.
      Thankyou for commenting!

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  2. Nice pics, I recognise the shard (tall glass one in 5 and 6), the tate gallery is in the background (big chimney) behind the guy in 7. To be honest I don’t recognise the other London buildings which is a little shameful as I work in London.

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