Just A Poem

It’s been a little hard recently, I have been feeling particularly low.

And I know it’s hectic where you are and so I thought that you should know.

That when asked what brings me happiness your arms are where I go.

And when faced with things that bother me you’ll be there I know.

I know that things are changing, I can tell by the words you use.

The way that when we bicker I’m no longer afraid to lose.

Compliments half hearted, your hands now not in mine,

and after asking what is wrong all I get is ‘I am fine’.

So was it me, that’s all I’m asking, am I the weaker link?

When asked if you love me do you have to stop and think?

But if you wanted I will change. I’d do anything to succeed.

Please tell me how you’re feeling, you’re really all I need.


One thought on “Just A Poem

  1. I understand you may be low and busy though I be,

    Your hug is always the greatest joy that there could ever be,

    I will be with you always, that voice within your head,

    So ask away regardless and listen to what is said,

    I know that when we bicker, you always try and win,

    And though you may leave frustrated, and on occasion upset,

    I don’t mind your challenge, as it’s me I argue with,

    Place your hands in mine again and we will walk all day,

    And though “it’s fine” is all you’ll get it’s my way to say,

    Try not to worry, I’m doing all I may,

    I’ve never had to stop and think, my love will be eternal,

    Though, my god, your arguments, they can be infernal,

    And you should only ever change because it is for you,

    Never change for someone else, especially for me,

    As I love who you are, now and who you will be.


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