It’s The Little Things

I hope that one day you will turn and see the reflection of the sunset brighten their skin. That their once green eyes, would be exploding with stolen flecks of sunlight. That you together will be gradually engulfed by the darkness. The sun will kiss your skin, and you both will radiate together. I hope that you can sit and enjoy the company and the view.

imageI wish for you to spend hours in your car. An old beaten up vehicle that feels like home. That the adventure is as exciting as the things you found out about yourself en route. I wish for you and your loved one to travel far and wide, for what? For the others smile to last that little longer. I wish that the sound of the rubber on the road becomes music, and the music becomes blurred by the sound of you laughing.

I am yearning for the cold winter nights that you will use as an excuse to put the fire on and snuggle. The rainy days that you drag them out in to get the smell of the sky and the heat of your breath. I’m longing for the long nights and the darkening days.IMG_0737-0

I know that you will find the happiness you dream of. I know that if you search, you’re less likely to find it but you will search anyway. I know that all the best memories are from the little things you take for granted, but when shared with the one you love, they become somewhat beautiful.

I know you will find it. I mean, I did after all.


One thought on “It’s The Little Things

  1. “Exploding with stolen flecks of sunlight”. I love that line I can visualise the event almost as the sun sinks lower in the sky and the reflection in the eyes is like an explosion of Bokeh photographs.

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