Gender Inequality 


For a moment stop and think. How did our forefathers see woman? Were they egalitarian, living as equals?  Do you honestly believe that in this day in age, we are as genders equal?

Currently I am studying both Sociology and the English language, so you could say I am studying sociolinguists ( but you could also argue I am not at all).

I have found that no matter how you look, somewhere along the lines, women are seen as the lesser sex. Even without my studying; as a female, walking down the street, you can see that we are the lesser of the genders. Yes, males may be courteous enough to let us onto the bus before them. But in retrospect, we are not equal. We still get wolf whistled while walking down the street and men in cars will continue to honk their horns. Why? Because they believe that it is their place, as men, to attempt to give a woman the gratification of having their ‘approval’.

Feminist? No, I am merely talking through observation .

Even through the language that we use today, men are seen as superior. The key roles within business and craft are ‘___men’ but that could be due to sheer laziness. So if you look at studies for example Zimmerman and West, during mixed sex conversations the woman will interrupt only two times, and they will be interrupted by man 46. 76% of these interruptions will be the new course of conversation, and so even still, the woman is inferior.

From the age of eleven (I was a tall eleven year old) I had been sexually objectified. At fourteen in the work place I was asked whether I wanted to engage in sexual activity with a customer, after commenting that I had “nice assets”. Then at sixteen I had complained to my boss that a worker had been sexually harassing me. He was fired.

From the bright age of eleven, I like many have felt oppressed into the identity of which society endeavours you to be, the element of which people, men, can judge upon.

A woman will merely be what they wear and how they portray themselves and until they have the confidence to speak what they think with confidence this will continue. But even then, the equality is difficult to perceive.

On the linguistic side of things, gender has only recently been seen as important. Men until much recently have been seen automatically as the heart of society, and women being subordinate to the male.

This marginalisation had indeed lessened through time. Religion played a large part in the oppression of women. It was 1922 when women could become higher roles within Christianity whereby they could become deaconess of which touched upon the margins of near equals. But the limitation of woman is still strong.

And I believe that it will eventually get there but in generations time. The problem is deep seeded and can only be truly corrected by a complete social reconstruction. Peoples perception of what it means to be equal will have to change first. Cultural evolution took place as human evolution (physical evolution) slowed and that’s millions of years of unequal perception to undo. So as like most things, it will take time.

This post is not a complaint, but merely an observation. In some aspects,the roles of women is ever increasing. Yet it seems that they will always be under the ‘glass ceiling’, but still, development is development, there is still much more to go, but us as women will get there.


3 thoughts on “Gender Inequality 

  1. Inequality is around in all levels, to Women, to Men too in certain aspects. When I think of inequality I think more of say the way head in sky politician are in terms of a common connection (or lack thereof) with general Joe Public but then I suppose I wouldn’t see gender inequality to woman as heavily as yourself as I am a guy.

    Your post did get me thinking though on if it is something that I myself maybe guilty of, I can only so that as I of course cannot determine the thoughts of any other guy and I don’t think that I think of women as any less equal than me in anything. I would need someone to pull me up on it if I was being that way as it maybe something that I did without knowing.

    You mention wolf whistling and hooting the car horn as an attempt to give woman the gratification of having their approval, and whilst I personally do neither of those things I would not have taken that meaning from it when I have heard it from others, I guess it is how one thinks of the intent.


    1. I think society today has made it difficult for the woman not to feel inferior due to how much feminism is on the uprise. I believe that men will think of their actions as harmless but the act of wolf whistling is somewhat demeaning as it has sexually objectified a woman from a distance which is firstly cowardly and secondly it isn’t taken as the ‘compliment’ that it may it may not have the intention of.

      I haven’t yet studied or witnessed anything that would perceive men as inferior however and when I do I’ll sure be writing about it! But thank you for reading of course!


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