I think.

I think what’s sad about today is the way that people can have so much potential, a creative mind, ambition,  yet be subjected to the ways of society. How a pretty face can be made to feel vulgar due to what they have seen on TV. The way childhood is now ruined by the increase in technology, and that playing in the street is now simply a thought of the past.

I think it’s disturbing that when scrolling through my news feed I see females begging for attention whilst leaving nothing to the imagination in their profile pictures but then claim how they’ve been treated badly. Disturbing that people will ignore personality and go for the prettiest or the most handsome. That popularity status determines how someone is treated.

I think it’s insulting how hard times become neglected by those around you because you then seem weak and what’s worse is how you can become too afraid to talk about issues in case you become one of those ‘weaker’ people.

I think it shouldn’t be shameful to love yourself, that it shouldn’t be wrong of you to take pride in what you look like, and how you talk, your back ground. I think that confidence should be admirable and if you decide to come out of your shell it should be commended.

I think regardless of who you are, what you do, how good you are at Maths or English you should feel just as important as anyone else. I think society is screwed. The Western way, ridiculous. Who you are should never be determined by how great your body is, how much money you have, but by your character, your personality. How loyal and committed you are, and how caring and kind you are should be prioritised, not whether you look good today or not.

I think you are put here on this planet to live. Really live and enjoy it. I think that succumbing to the pressures held today by those around you is a waste of your true potential.

I believe, we all deserve a chance. So just be you.




4 thoughts on “I think.

  1. I really like this. I totally agree with your view. It is very sad to see that this is how the world is. What makes it a bit better is knowing there are people out there, like us who see all of the negatives and are not willing to give in and be like everyone else.

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