Cave In

I was told that if I was to work myself too hard, my body wouldn’t like it to much. I am one hundred percent feeling that now. This is my first post in what seems like forever, I’ve been so busy what with college and uni, along with my two jobs I just can’t keep up. The smallest of colds has indeed run me to the ground, when I move my head it’s like a storm,so after four days trying to pull myself out of bed, today I caved, and finally I have time to write, snuggled up in my bed, a bubble bath awaits.

Recently I passed my driving test. It’s brought so much freedom! The first drive was one of the best, although getting myself to a location which you merely had to follow one road was a talk because I’ve always been told what direction I should be going in. I thought I’d show you pictures from my first adventure where my boyfriend and I escaped to a little beach not far from my house.

I will set the scene, an English pebble beach, in December, hitting at highs 1°c with blistering winds and the occasional downpour of rain, a picnic and one pair of gloves between the two of us, I hope you like.


Here you have it, a quick summary of my first adventure



5 thoughts on “Cave In

  1. I really like that description of the beach you gave, I think the only thing I would change is having an extra pair of gloves. Beaches during wind and/or rain (or even better a storm) are fantastic places to be.


      1. Yeah I liked the pictures, the second one really shows how chilly it is there I think, you looked very wrapped up. The one with your boyfriend in looks cold too and it looks like he is about the swept out to sea. And lol, on the last one, first thing I noticed was your red ears, you need some ear muffs too 😀

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