Film Camera trial

So, way before Christmas I was lucky enough to get a camera from a family friend, a cannon SLR camera, don’t ask me how old it is, but it feels that old but new feel . The lady who gave it to me’s husband passed away and it was his pride and joy, so I’m attempting to do it justice.

My film had 26 or so photos, and me being naive as naive can be, thought it would be pretty simple. I have had been reading into appeture and supposedly did everything I should have done for a 200 ASA film, in broad day light, but all my pictures have come out dark, the four I have got do look pretty okay, a little grainy but practice makes perfect.

I have two films on the way once I get them developed, but it will take some time to get used to the camera, so bare with for the quality.

 This picture I loved when it was light, but since development it’s become dark. You can just about see my mum being ran at by her pride and joy, our Golden Doodle Barney.
 I literally can only say that I like this one as it’s the only one that’s come out in a light almost similar to the day, and Barns looks very happy with himself.
 If I were to name this one it would be ‘Perception’ everyone in this picture is facing in another direction and of course the star of the show right up front loving the fame.
Finally, this one may be grainy but it has to be my favourite, I hope you guys appreciate why.

 I’ll be hopefully posting another set of, fingers crossed, better photos and I can do Mick’s legacy some justice.


9 thoughts on “Film Camera trial

      1. You have a film camera? you must tell me how you do it! That was literally my first ever go, I think because I directed into sunlight, thats why it darkened the whole image? Not sure.


      2. Oh sorry, no mine is digital, I do have a film camera but it is very old, it was my dads, it isnt used anymore. I remember when my dad had it he would use a light meter on the dark areas and again on the light and go somewhere in between on the camera settings.


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