Years to build; seconds to break. 

A lifetime to build; seconds to break. Trust is such a difficult concept to me. In hindsight it’s such a childish thing. To freely place your mind and soul into the hands of someone else. The average person isn’t at all trustworthy either, using your thoughts and experiences, even secrets, as a jocular topic of conversation. Or looking straight into your eyes and lying to you so all trust is thrown from your friendship, you should never lie to the ones you love.

“Trust me”- why would anyone be willing to trust somebody. You’re building yourself up for the anomie that soon follows after they jump into the pool of normalness that everyone eventually dives into- ‘every man for themselves’ the mind set of the herd that follows the norm.

To be shocked when someone does something to break trust is equally childish. Like believing the cold winds won’t make the hairs on your naked skin stand on edge. It’s bound to happen. It always does.

Months, even years of trust can snap, tear and break at any moment, and the friendship gets reborn into two strangers, one guilty, and one hurt, trying to cling to the once firm trust you relied on so dearly.

It’s gone. Just like that.

Until one day when you’ve reached an equal rapport with someone. You think it’s time. Time to start the whole process again until..



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