Inhale, Exhale

I’m probably not the only one with my head in my hands, crumbling under the pressure of life, clenching fists with the whisper of exams drawing closer, already wishing it was over with. Stress is real, and all of us are bound to go through it. I really don’t think it’s taken seriously enough though.  I suffer pretty bad with it, my symptoms of stress often make me more stressed- which is great! But here are for whom ever decides to read this are a few little tips that you probably know but look past them..

Breathe a Little Slower 
I’ve always been aware of how important breathing is, how it can help with the mind and body is beautiful. I know people always say ‘take 3 deep breaths’ and we forget it, but if I’m stressed I try and breathe slower; take slightly deeper breaths and really listen to my body. You’ll notice if you happen to be paying attention that when you’re Happy and content, that  your breathing will be much more paced and relaxed – so next time you’re feeling angry or stressed, listen how quick you breathe. Just take a moment and breathe slow.

Write Your Thoughts Down 
Ive been a little wobbley with my health at recently and I think it shows here on my posts actually. I’ve done a lot of reflective posts and have generally been a little more deep and slightly negative too. I fill I can really let it out when I write, even if it takes 30 seconds at 4am when I wake, it does really help me if I write down my thoughts, some I keep private, and some I share here knowing there aren’t many to see it.  Its important to rid yourself of any clutter you have, let the ink pour away your problems. I write, you don’t have to. If you run, run, if you paint, paint. Just do you, do what makes you feel a little freer in the times you feel stressed.

Step Outside

I know that it’s not an original idea, but even if it’s just for ten minutes, the fresh air will do you good. We are all cooped up a little too much, whether it’s with work or school, whatever it may be, take a wander into the unknown, let the clean air wake you up, trust me, it will help.

I think stress is such a big issue, and we shouldn’t ignore our bodies. If you need a break please just have one. It will help in the long run. Just breathe my love, breathe.


2 thoughts on “Inhale, Exhale

  1. ” Its important to rid yourself of any clutter you have, let the ink pour away your problems.” was my favorite line of this whole post. I also struggle with managing my stress and juggling school with life and find SO much relief when I can drag myself outside for just a few minutes.
    I love the pictures you have for all of your posts as well.
    I just started blogging and posted my first post tonight. You should check it out, any advice/ encouragement is appreciated! 🙂

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