And it happened again.

As soon as I felt it get better, and I pushed myself out of the dark I voluntarily jump back in with no hesitation.
The pride I had for myself for doing what I never thought I could, broken in moments, and here I am again,  in a pool of self hatred, that I fear I have pulled those around me into…again.

Every time I tell myself to detach from them, so when I’m feeling low, they aren’t hurt; and every time I fail.

I suppose some people are supposed to feel alone, even after they felt so whole just moments before.

It’s heart wrenching and soul destroying, it’s reality, a truth that will forever pain me.

I am not okay.


3 thoughts on “And it happened again.

    1. Oh how kind. Honestly I just write to pour the emotions out at that one time. So the blog helped, and simply the comment helped. Thank you for reading, and commenting, it means a lot


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