Past to Present, a warm welcome to 2017.

It has been a long six months since my last post, the best six months I feel I have ever been apart of.  I pushed through a part of my journey that I didn’t feel would end. So really this shall be a catch up, and an introduction of what I feel there is to come.

The Beginning 

The beginning of my meagre blog site was a route of expression. I feel for the few that read my posts they could see that I was in a somewhat tough place. This page was primarily from me, for me, an outlet to express what I didn’t want to say out loud; it worked stupendously, to the point I recommended blog writing to those I saw in a similar position to myself.

I considered deleting my old posts, but then again, it was a part of me, a heart wrenching form of expression that I mustn’t forget I have pulled through. And so, as the past shall aways remain, as will my blog posts.

So here’s a mention to those who, like me, needed their own little place to let off steam, and get out their thoughts; because slowly it works, and you will finally be able to feel like yourself- whole again. I have no doubt in my mind that I will one day need my blog for a form of relief, and I must remember that it is okay to do so, as it is what got me through whatever was going on in my messy little head in the first place. Just remember, things take time, and you will learn mechanisms to help yourself, but that also comes with finding things that do not help. That is okay, that is normal, and for every trial that didn’t quite work out the way you had planned, you are one step closer to finding a way that does.

So a Laura-update is well and truly needed, short and sweet it shall be:

I am currently at University, taking Psychology, how insane is that! I took up a new sport, as I felt it was a less cliquey sport, and it turns out to be quite fun, and the people I have met I wouldn’t change for the world. I have just returned from a life changing holiday in Australia, but I’m sure I will write something about that a little later on.

Finally, my family and I feel happier than we have done in a long time, and for me, that was my biggest accomplishment of 2016, and the best start I could imagine of 2017: a family full of happiness.

I wish you all the very best out of your 2017; make this your year.




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